Sunday, June 5, 2011

Second Annual Camping Trip

Saturday night we camped with our church youth group at Cedars of Lebanon. The conditions were ideal: the sweltering heat of mid-day transitioned to a very comfortable temperature by late afternoon and the evening was mild. Even the cicadas cooperated with our trip. It was a wonderful campout with good friends, good food and good weather.

I think this is a question mark butterfly. See what you think, if you dare.

Here is one science experiment; they are attempting to get the egg out of the small-necked jar.

The question of hula hoop champion had to be settled numerous times.

The kids made snow from a kit. Pretty nifty.

I think this is an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail.

The geyser tube is a perennial favorite. Here they dropped 9 mentos into two liters of cheap grape soda. The subsequent eruption was awesome.

Departing the campgrounds; this was the first time she spoke to us in 12 hours. She was pretty busy having fun with her crew.

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