Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Night Hike at Sellars Farm

Last week, we went on a night hike at Sellars Farm with Ranger Tyler and friends. We had such a great time exploring the woods at night. I managed to get a few pictures before sunset.

Ranger Tyler raises Cecropia moths, which (according to a quick Google search) are the largest native North American moths.

Attempting to attach the flashlight to the Hello Kitty skirt. It was problematic.

The sun setting across the meadow.

Here is a black-eyed Susan. It looks brown-eyed to me.

Here is Butterfly Weed.

We also saw one lone bat flying through the darkening sky, a multitude of insects, and an enormous spider in her web preparing a tasty meal of three hapless insects. Tyler played recordings of several types of owls common to this area, and we at least two barred owls responded. Crashing through the woods as we were, it's not surprising that we didn't see them. The best part of the hike was quieting everyone down to hear the owls. Hilarious.

We ended up at the mound near the creek; as we looked across the open field, a mist was beginning to rise. It was a lovely, clear night with a full moon and we talked about the Native Americans who lived here one thousand years before, gazing up at this same sky. It was a beautiful night.

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Shannon said...

Looks like fun! We found a Cercopia moth by the barn last week! They are beautiful.